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A Little About Me and my business

My name is Rob and my business is Little red car crafts.  The name comes from a car I once had that served me well. I am a father of 2 young children and a marine Engineer who has travelled widely and for the last 17 years has been a Design and Technology teacher.  I have always loved making thing's and enjoy teaching others to make as well. What started as a hobby with woodturning as soon as I could afford my own lathe turned into a love for the craft, that I would like to turn into a business.  I would like to grow my craft, skills and the business to the point I can give up my day job and develop my work to use a variety of materials and processes to design and produce craft items, teach others to do so and have a better life balance with my family. I currently make my items at home in my small workshop from materials I pick up as locally as possible, I also like to use quality British materials which are beautiful.  I continue to dream of, collect and save for a bigger shop and equipment. I like to let the materials decide what I make most of the time, an approach that shows of the best of the material, but will also make other things including practical items. I will accept commissions, so get in touch if you have a particular requirement.

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